31. december 2006

backstube video n°1: Flat Iron

backstube's one minute New York trilogy! see www.8ung.at/backstube

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30. december 2006

Vienna airport

Our little croud has been waiting for the luggage to arrive for about 15 minutes. The transporter belt gets thinner and thinner, until no more suitcases turn. Two airport employees arrive and load the remaining luggage on a trolley - wordless. I follow this lead and one of the men refers me to the lost luggage desk, nearby. It turns out the remaining luggage was lost in Heathrow. The woman at the helpdesk is very friendly. From her office she can see to the conveyer belt where the little crowd of mainly English speaking passengers still wonders about their luggage. No-one in the lost and found bothered to tell them. They seem surprised when I suggest them to do so.
I fill in the lost baggage claim, a long line is forming behind me in the otherwise silent and empty hall.

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27. december 2006

realiza tu sueño - make your dreams come true

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26. december 2006

Money & flowers

Money & Flowers: New York currency, also late night

Wine & dine: Christmas eve on the 24th floor

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14. december 2006

PreChristmasTime, New York

View from the headquarters of United Nations, located on Manhattan's East River, New York.

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11. april 2006


In Franken sagt man übrigens: Mir komme har wu de Hasn Hosn haaßn un de Hosn Husn haaßn.

Hase, Lausanne

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26. marec 2006

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16. marec 2006

place des nations, geneva. feb.06 GS

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es hat geschneit in genf

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08. marec 2006

willkommen in senf, fünf, hanf, genf!

Der Wettbewerb: finde ein weiteres dt. Wort das auf -nf endet (ausser genannten senf, fünf, hanf, genf).
good luck!

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any idiot his/her sledge

Heute hat ja jeder schon einen blog - wie ajeder Todl sei Rodl ("any idiot his/her sledge")

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